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March 2023 The package definitely meets my expectations. The NewGen mattress and the pillow cradle me. The sheets are luxurious and the adjustable frame is raised at top and bottom to suit my sleeping position. The owners and staff are extremely knowledgeable and no selling pressure. Installation by them was smooth and fast. Total satisfaction.Dougal Meekison, Qualicum Beach
March 2023 We love our new mattress! Formerly we were tossing all night but now we can sleep 10 hours plus undisturbed. We have recommended your product to our family & friends. Thank you! Jeff S. & Cory A., Nanoose Bay
December 2022 Since I started using your NewGen mattress, I find I have a much better sleep and I wake up without my usual stiffness. I’m also more clear headed. Thank you.Pat Kerr, Qualicum Bay
August 2022 It took a couple weeks for us to adjust our twin beds but now we have programmed the beds for our lovely comfort and now we have increased our nightly sleep from six hours to past eight hours. Should have purchased the beds a lot sooner.Wayne & Joan Stewart
November 2021 I have nothing but good things to say about my experience with my NewGen mattress. I have never slep ton any mattress that felt as good and gave me the support I need to enable rest and good sleep. This is particularly in the last 12 years during which I have been dealing with spinal stenosis. This is a challenge at the best of times and the mattress is the difference between my being rested or not at the beginning of each day. Jan Rempel, Parksville
November 2021 It is still early days, but so far I am enjoying my NewGen mattress. It is very comfortable and I do not wake up with back problems that I experienced with my old mattress. So far, so good … ! Hopefully it will continue that way, but it is still very early days! I would be able to give a more detailed review after a longer time period (say 1 year?) Sharon Fox, Parksville
December 2020 Love the mattress. No more sore backs. Adheres to our bodies so really comfy. Best sleeps in a long time. Dave & Christina Taylor, Parksville
December 2020 Find it very comfortable, enjoy having proper support where needed. Sleeping much better now! Pearl McBride, Errington
November 2020 My NewGen bed has helped tremendously reduce pain, improve circulation and provide me with a better sleep! My chiropractor has noticed a real difference in my spine. Sukh – thank you for your professionalism and the reasonable price of the bed. Many thanks to you and your team! Colette, Qualicum Beach
November 2020 Service was excellent both in store and delivery. Comfortable & more restful sleep. Very happy with my purchase. Irene Patterson, Abbotsford
November 2020 I love our new mattress. I have longer sleeps than I have had in years, pain isn’t nearly as bad as it has in a very long time. I owe all these positives to our NewGen mattress! Kay Jones, Qualicum Beach
November 2020 We want to thank M&N Mattress for introducing us to the NewGen latex mattress. We both are having better sleeps compared to any other mattress we had ever purchased in the past. We both recommend NewGen latex mattress for a better sleep. Zzzzz.Dennis & Lorraine Brost, Qualicum Beach
October 2020 We wanted to support local. Glad we did. The completion of the purchase took a while but every problem was satisfactorily handled by M&N, owners & employees. Due to health reasons we are very happy/satisfied with our adjustable beds. Ray & Terri, Parksville
October 2020 We’ve had our new mattress & platform for a few months. WOW! Love it. There are no pressure points, the mattress conforms to our bodies & we have a more restful sleep. We love the ability to be able to raise the bed for reading or just to find a different position if we have a specific need (sore knee etc.) It took a little getting used to making the split king, but I have that down now. The service from the entire M&N team has been wonderful. Judy Acton, Parksville
October 2020 Love my new mattress & appreciated the great service from M&N. The 1st mattress I chose was not firm enough for me, but I was able to exchange it easily and with a smile. Now I wake up with no stiffness in my back. Great store. Keep up the great work! Ellen Brown, Qualicum Beach
October 2020 Very happy with this mattress, so useful in providing care/medication for my husband who has many health issues. Very comfortable, too.Carole Carter, Parksville
October 2020 We love it, and have not slept so good in years.Art & Gerry Jones, Parksville
Sep 2020 Hi! Great mattress. Haven’t slept this well in years. Wish we had bought this years ago. Rino Branchi, Campbell River
September 2020 We heartily recommend M&N Mattress for unmatched service – such is a rare thing these days. Our lengthy search for a mattress that ticked all the boxes ended after Sukh carefully analyzed our needs. Should & crippling back pain no longer prevents us from getting a good night’s sleep. I really love that the anti-microbial Talalay latex lets me breathe freely and my husband stays so much cooler at night. It was so worth the drive to Parksville! Paula L., Comox
August 2020 We love our new mattress! It’s like sleeping on a cloud. Our bodies feel so much better for it, no pain in any areas (back, neck or legs). The only drawback, it’s hard to leave the bed in the morning!! We just want to sleep in all the time.Mike & Leslie Watson, Nanoose Bay
July 2020 Love my new mattress. Excellent customer service. My niece also purchased a new bed and she is also very happy. I will definitely recommend M&N Mattress. Trudy Bosma, Parksville
July 2020 Our NewGen mattress has allowed us very peaceful sleep. My husband used to complain about being too hot when he slept. Now on the NewGen latex mattress, he has a cool comfortable sleep. No matter which position we sleep in we both feel the mattress supports our bodies and we feel like we are floating. The adjustable bed frame has been helpful in relieving congestion in our lungs and I no longer need to put pillows under my knees in order to have a comfortable sleep. The zero gravity position is amazing for reading and I often doze off after feeling like I’m floating on an air mattress on a lake. are vert friendly and helpful. We highly recommend the M&N Mattress Shop and NewGen mattress. Quita Peverly & Bob McCarter, Nanoose
July 2020 The NewGen mattress is very comfortable, almost no odor and excellent quality. Definitely fall asleep faster and deeper since I have had it. Important to balance pressure relief with support and M&N Mattress can help with that. Their customer service is excellent. They want you to have the best mattress and will go out of their way to achieve that.Annette Hart, Victoria
July 2020 This is the 3rd mattress we have bought from M&N. Product is excellent, service is excellent. We are hoping in the near future to purchase a couple of recliners from your furniture shop. We can’t thank Sukh enough. – Great business to deal with.Arlene Lessard, Qualicum Beach
April 2020 So far this is the best sleep I’ve had in years. Bernie Tardiff, Qualicum Beach
April 2020 My bed is just fantastic!! I have had good night’s sleeping and I wake up feeling just great. Money well spent, and best bed that I ever had. Thank you for your great service.Joan Brockway, Parksville
April 2020 We bought our NewGen mattress three weeks ago and wanted to wait to give our feedback so it would reflect our experience. We have always slept on a firm mattress, but Sukh led us to a medium firmness after lots of questions and in store “testing”. We were a little hesitant but went along with his expertise. The first night we didn’t sleep well, which wasn’t surprising, however, since then our sleeps have improved every night.
The mattress is super comfortable and we’re thrilled with our purchase! Sukh was right!! We’ve never spent so much on a mattress, ever, but we’re pleased with sleeping well, & if it lasts as long as we’ve been told it will, we’ll be forever happy!
We are recommending NewGen to our family & friends, - as well as M&N Mattress Shop. The Jansens, Cedar
March 2020 I am loving my new mattress. So much nicer for my night bedtime reading. I am sleeping better now and feeling more rested in the AM when waking up. Thanks for the superior service!!!Cathy Zelisko, Parksville
March 2020 When our “memory foam” mattress purchased 5 years ago developed major memory loss after just a year, we knew we would be on the market for a new mattress sooner than we should have. To avoid making another mistake we researched the best possible replacement mattress for us. We had purchased a cabinet bed from M&N Mattress in Parksville and had great service so we started there. That was our first and last stop. Not too many people can justify spending an elaborate amount of money for a mattress but when you figure how much of your lives you spend sleeping, it makes sense to make that investment. Our NewGen King cloud series mattress is everything and even more that it claims to be. After only three nights we were waking up totally refreshed and the stiff muscles that we woke with were a thing of the past! The service from M&N was top notch and their follow up is something you rarely see any more. We highly recommend the NewGen Mattress and the best place to find it is at the M&N Mattress Shop.Ed & Gail Henderson, Campbell River
March 2020 I love my NewGen mattress from M&N Mattress Shop. 1. I look forward to going to bed early to read in comfort until the wee hours of the morning with my mattress up at the head. 2. When I am ready to sleep I adjust the mattress to a comfortable position for feet and head. 3. The mattress conforms to my body in softness and support without pressure. 4. I woke up feeling refreshed and not a dry mouth. 5. It is so east to put the mattress cover and sheets on when making the bed as both ends raised. No more struggle. 6. To top it all off my latex pillow is to dream on. 7. The service was great and courteous. Kathleen Mannister, Qualicum Beach
January 2020 3 months and counting – and still loving our new latex beds. I invited my friend Michele to try my bedout – and according to her husband Harry, could talk of nothing else, until they went to your store and bought new beds!!! More satisfied customers! J&K Forsyth, Parksville
Jan 2020 Everything from sales and delivery went really well. We love our NewGen bed. Well worth the money. I was dubious about the claims made but they were all correct.Kathy Phelps, Parksville
Jan 2020 Excellent service. Took the time to explain the benefits of choosing a NewGen mattress. My money was well spent. Very pleased. The support & comfort is amazing.Jette Larsen, Parksville
Jan 2020 Really like the mattress and highly recommend it. No more sore back and restless legs. Great product. Thanks. Sharon Daniel, Parksville
Dec 2019 We did a lot of research, and visited the store 3 times before purchasing. It is a very big investment. We decided to buy from M&N because we felt very comfortable that they would stand behind what they sell and would work with us to make sure we were happy. My husband wanted a soft mattress, I wasn’t so sure, so we went with a split king. I also tried a soft mattress. Within a week it was very obvious that it wasn’t working for me. I phoned Sukh and without hesitation he said he would order a firm and it would be in within a week, which it was. He also followed up to make sure it was working for me. We are both very happy with our NewGen mattress. My husband is able to have a soft mattress and I am very happy with my firm. My husband says he no longer wakes up in the night with a sore shoulder, and seems to sleep better in general. M&N does give great customer service and want you to be happy and satisfied with your purchase. And we are both happy with our new bed. Anne & Trevor Sinclair, Courtenay
Oct 2019 Loving it. No pressure points.Daniel B. Wicks, Port Alberni
Oct 2019 The entire experience from purchase to delivery with M&N was exceptional. Sukh’s product knowledge of both his own products and the competition was the best I’ve ever seen in this industry! All the staff were pleasant, informed and efficient. The NewGen mattress is great and both myself and my girlfriend are sleeping much better!!Gord Garriock and Barb Hodgson, Parksville
Oct 2019 Much more comfort than any other mattress I have ever had. I am sleeping much better. Less shoulder and back pain J.M., Parksville
Oct 2019 Thank you so much helping us with our new mattress. We love it. We are very happy. Peter & Hannie, Qualicum
Oct 2019 Can now sleep 3 hours at a time which is miraculous. Back massage for 20 minutes good. Leg massage negligible. Bed very noisy, disturbs condo resident downstairs. Aileen Fabris, Qualicum Beach
Oct 2019 I love my NewGen mattress… I have been sleeping better than I have for years! It is nicec to wake up because it is “time to get up” instead of waking up because I am in pain from sleeping on pressure points. The M&N team were a pleasure to deal with and I have recommended them to others. Best “investment in my health” ever. Thank you! Sandy Hinter, Parksville
Sept 2019 Glenna has had back surgery & has found that she can wake up pain free which hasn’t happened in over 3 years. Dan is able to sleep through the night & has a restful sleep. The NewGen Mattress was truly money well spent! Thank you Sukh- your customer service & knowledge went above and beyond!!Dan Noble (& Glenna), Parksville
Sept 2019 This has been the most comfortable mattress that I have ever slept on in my life. I am not always tossing and turning all night long anymore, trying to get comfortable. It has helped me tremendously. I get a much better sleep now. Within 10 minutes of laying down on my mattress the majority of my back pain is gone.Betty Primeau, Errington
Sept 2019 I love my bed. So comfortable, no aches in the morning.Lynda Coward, Errington
Sept 2019 We have enjoyed our mattress very much. We have been getting better sleeps. I should have done this earlier. Very pleased with the product! Robert & Rosemary Lysak, Errington
July 2019 I enjoyed my experience with M&N Mattress Shopping! Rheanie was a doll to work with! I’m loving my latex and how I feel. Cheryl Prevost, Nanaimo
July 2019 We were very impressed by the great customer service we received at M&N Mattress. Sukh was very knowledgeable and patient with us as we laid on almost every mattress in the store. M&N Mattress would be our first recommendation to anyone needing a new mattress. Justin & Courtney S., Nanaimo
May 2019 My husband and I were long overdue for a new bed. Purchasing the NewGen mattress has worked out better than we hoped. My husband beds he has less pain & I am getting very comfortable, longer sleeps than usual. It took some convincing but we are very pleased with our purchase. Less pain & more sleep for 2 seniors- what’s not to love. Wish we could take the bed when we travel. Ron & Pamela Robb, Qualicum Beach
April 2019 Very comfy! I’m really benefitting from the raised head position and fewer lower back problems. Mattress is great- no back pain anymore. Great sleep. Thanks! Sylvia Zerjar, Parksville
April 2019 Hello Sukh, Thanks for selling us a great mattress. We appreciate the knowledge you have of all your products. Ken certainly isn’t as sorewhen he wakes up and we both like the electric base for reading in bed and especially for relaxing at the end of a busy day. Pillows were much better with the new bed as you said. Ken & Jan, Nanoose Bay
April 2019 We appreciated the comparison with the memory foam & latex. We were skeptical of the memory foam and you clarified our concerns. We are sleeping well on our new latex mattress. Thank you. Elaine Eddy, Parksville
April 2019 Great service & wonderful sleeps. Diane & Tom Thornton, Parksville
April 2019 After two weeks, we seem to be experiencing a better sleep with noticeably less arthritic discomfort when rising in the morning. Thanks to Sukh for his detailed presentation. Brent & Barb McGowan, Parksville
January 2019 Most comfortable mattress and luxurious set I have ever had- only missing sleep and I do not want to get up in the morning! Carolyn Bigelow, Qualicum Beach
January 2019 We are pleased with our NewGen mattress that we recently purchased. We sleep more soundly and find less pressure on joints than with our old conventional mattress. Thanks, Sukh for your good advice and great customer service. Wendy & Roman Prusko, Parksville
January 2019 I Believe I am getting a longer sleep on my new mattress, and not up as often through the night. The terra plush seems to give me good support and comfort that I need. I am a very “happy camper”. Thank-you! Shirley Stewart, Parksville
November 2018 My NewGen bed is so comfortable. I am very happy with this purchase. The staff at the mattress shop provided excellent customer service. I would highly recommend M&N Mattress Shop. Thanks!George Peaker, Parksville
November 2018 We are pleased with our new bed... But we have been away for the month of October and enjoyed our time away but pleased to be back to our comfortable bed. Dave and Louise Kelsey, Qualicum Beach
November 2018 We Purchased our NewGen Mattress at the 2018 Homeshow and have been impressed with the efficient and friendly service from all the staff at M&N Mattress Shop. She and I sleep better now and enjoy all the features of our NewGen Mattress. Peter & Sue Mercer, Qualicum Beach
November 2018 We purchased a NewGen bed in September because my sleep has been terrible for the past 18 months. I am waiting for a new hip and did not believe any bed would help improve my sleep and lessen the pain. My sleep has improved significantly over the past month. This mattress with the adjustable boxspring was a great purchase! I am finally sleeping again. Sukh and the staff are so professional. They went above and beyond to ensure the bed fit in our new home and my new headboard /footboard. Wow, what amazing customer service! Norine Peaker, Parksville
November 2018 I am very pleased with the NewGen Mattress. I have been battling fibromyalgia for over 7 years now and I find that the NewGen Mattress has been the only mattress the pain of my pressure points. It is the best mattress I have ever slept on. The service provided from your store was also outstanding. I would go back anytime and have recommend your store to many people. Martine (& Denis) Rutherford, Comox
November 2018 I love the new mattress! I’m sleeping soundly for at least 7-8 hours a night! Prior to this I slept no more than 5 hours and I would wake up in pain. My shoulder pain has disappeared since sleeping on our new mattress. Yay! My husband, however, was resistant. I kept raising the head of the bed (to decrease his snoring) and he would put it back down when he went to bed. Then I would wonder why his snoring was keeping me awake?! It wasn’t until I told him “he would be sleeping in the other bedroom” that he now sleeps with the head raised! No more snoring. Yay! No more stomach sleeping either. Which is probably better for him. Judy & Frank George, Nanoose Bay
November 2018 SPOILED US! Best Sleep Ever!! Jerry Smith & Cheryl Cameron, Qualicum Beach
November 2018 We are immensely pleased with our new mattresses and adjustable bases. My husband has not had painful cramps in his legs since sleeping on the mattress. We both love the massage/vibration system that relaxes my back and hips after spending the day in a wheelchair. These are without a doubt the best beds we have ever slept on. Bryan & Edna Dwyer, Parksville
October 2018 My Mattress is like sleeping on a cloud. Now when I wake up in the morning I “don’t” have horrible back pain. I really hate getting out of bed 😊. Thank you everyone at Parksville M&N Mattress Shop! Wendy Dopp, Parksville
September 2018 Sleep has much improved-no pressure points which was the case with the old mattress. Pillow is very comfortable less pains/aches in the morning when I wake up. The offer to do the mattress rotation is a nice touch.Ken Johnson, Qualicum Beach
September 2018 Recently we bought two beds with the risers and NewGen mattresses. They are outstanding for comfort and sleep comes quickly. Highly recommended, as are the staff at M&N Mattress Shop for their advice and service.Peter Sinclair & Gladys Dawson, Courtenay
August 2018 Very satisfactory on all accounts!John & Janet Gibson, Nanoose Bay
July 2018 Exceeded our expectation and no more waking up with a sore back! Thanks!Dan, Parksville
July 2018 We have had our NewGen mattress for about a month or so- and so far I find it provides a very restful sleep. After attending an overnight family reunion, we were most pleased to return to our own bed and pillows. Would recommend it highly to others.Dave & Linda Cole, Parksville
July 2018 Our NewGen mattress provides the most comfortable and restful sleep. We highly recommend it! TRUE comfort!Dave Witty, Nanaimo
July 2018 Dear sir, My experience with the sales person was great. Everything was explained to us. Thoroughly. The delivery team was great- took old bed away and put up new one. It arrived in great condition. We were very pleased with the bed. My wife can get in and out of bed with ease and both her and I are very comfortable. Pillows are great too! Very easy bed to make. I think M&N scores a 10/10. Arie Van Spronsen, Qualicum Beach
July 2018 Hi Mark, My experience was good, you sold me the mattress, we love it and like the idea of the guys coming to rotate it monthly. The guys are very nice too! Take Care, God Bless. Emily Clayton, Qualicum Beach
May 2018 Good day! So far, the bed is doing what I purchased it for- helping my health. Both Anne and myself are enjoying the vibration for our legs. Thanks!Anne & Robert Poulton, Parksville
May 2018 We are glad we bought the NewGen Mattress & Reclining Bed. Sukh was very informative and patient while we considered various options which best suited our needs and comfort. The staff were friendly & professional, especially the delivery men who set up the bed and answered all our questions. Fran Slinger, Coombs
May 2018 Superb! Sleeping like a log. Hit the pillow and I am gone!Janet W., Qualicum Beach
April 2018 I am an asthmatic, also broke my back 4 years ago. It is very important that I have the best mattress. A short while ago I purchased a mattress at M&N in Parksville. The staff gave me exceptional service. They listened to my issues and found the very best mattress for me. I have been sleeping well since receiving it and getting up in the morning refreshed. Right from entering the store to the delivery and set up in my home the service was above and beyond I have ever received. I also purchased a cabinet bed for when my son visits. It has met all my expectations. My son recently visited and says he had an excellent sleep. Thank you for everything! Diane Paquin, Comox
April 2018 We have had better or more restful sleep. The mattress is like sleeping on a cloud. We are also enjoying our pillows of the same. So glad we stopped in at M&N Mattress Shop! Service second to none!! Highly recommend this local business.Don and Marg Wood, Parksville
April 2018 The NewGen mattress is extremely comfortable. Together with the adjsuatble bedframe it provides an excellent sleep experience. I enjoy the ability to read in bed in comfort. Thank you for your high-quality service too!Loanna Pureshi, Parksville
April 2018 We seem to fall asleep quicker, and not as restless thru the night. Doesn’t stop snoring though. Lorne & Susan Gustitus, Parksville
April 2018 Knowledge by a saleperson is respected, especially when there is a great variance in product. Sukh educated us and listened to our individual needs. Sukh educated us and listened to our individual needs. We selected the most comfortable and supportive mattress for us and now sleep better and longer. The pillows are terrific and compliment the mattress. Wish the pillows were manufactured in travel size! Go to M&N Mattress--- see Sukh Maeva and Kerby Lowen, Qualicum Beach
April 2018 We love our NewGen mattress. Every day at least twice, we lay our tired bodies on our new beds, turn on zero gravity and vibrations and give the orders "Beam me up, Scotty!" Ten minutes later our spa beds stop vibrating and our muscles heave up a huge Aah sigh as they let go into total relaxation. My Fibromyalgia and arthritis has almost disappeared in the last two months of using my NewGen mattress. In fact, we hate to go elsewhere to sleep and leave our great new beds.Marlene and Anthony Smith, Parksville
April 2018 I have been sleeping on this mattress for one month now and Im sleeping pain free! I am very pleased with how this mattress is helping me recover from intense pain. Tim Beasse, Comox
April 2018 I suffer from shoulder issues and like to sleep on my side, but my old mattress made it difficult to get a good night’s sleep as the pressure on my shoulder made it ache and caused discomfort. The technology behind the NewGen mattress has helped to relieve the pressure points. I can enjoy my sleeping style & feel like I’m floating allowing for a comfortable, restful sleep. I am experiencing the best sleep ever! A bonus is the reduced to zero exposure to allergies.Penny Lopez, Victoria
April 2018 We are both experiencing a very well restful sleep. Thank you! Kevin and Anna Brown, Parksville
Thank you to WR Mattress for the 5 star Service. The New Gen Mattress helped my wife with her shoulders and hips. We are very glad with the service. Raman and jaime were great. Thank you MD, South Surrey BC
I purchased 2 sets of king size adjustable beds with mattresses and two queen size adjustable beds with mattresses from WR Mattress Gallery. My family and I love the mattresses and the adjustable beds. Our quality of sleep has improved and our energy levels have gone up. Recently, my husband went out of town for one night. Upon his return, at bed time he told me that the only disadvantage with respect to the adjustable beds and the mattresses was that it is very difficult to sleep on regular beds! I think that sums up everything. I do want to mention that the staff at WR Mattress Gallery is extremely helpful, accommodating and friendly. I recommend WR Mattress Gallery to all my friends and relatives. Emerald Chinna, South Surrey BC
These beds looked too comfy to pass up laying on when we saw them at the Vancouver Health Show. About 2 seconds after I laid down, I turned to my wife and told her we're buying a new mattress hahaha. Sukh made it very easy and enticing for us, so 5 minutes later we worked out an awesome deal. The next day Raman called me to confirm the details. She is probably one of the best customer service reps I've ever had the pleasure of interacting with! She's extremely friendly, helpful, and personable. Raman made me feel very comfortable to ask any questions and gave me all the information I needed on my financing options.April, Vancouver BC
We bought our Best sleep adjustable bed at the Vancouver show. All the staff at the show and in store are very friendly and helpful. We got our new bed mainly because my husband has difficulty sleeping and several mattresses we had over the years were not comfortable. He is sleeping better, we both love the zero gravity position - very relaxing. I never had issues with sleep, but even I appreciate the positive change. When I lie down, I feel like I am on a marshmallow cloud. Very cozy and comfortable. Thanks! Marketa, South Surrey
January 2018
I recently upgraded my mattress to the new NewGen product. This full latex mattress is just amazing. It offers the same comfort and oxygen generation as the Celliant-IronMan. A friend asked me why I invested in a top-of-the-line bed. As a 70 year old athlete who strive for optimum performance I need a very restful sleep. I am a fitness instructor and a coach I myself, spend numerous hours training each week either at the gym or running in trails. I believe that the quality and consistency of my training is primordial and that many athletes forget the importance of their recovery which means rests days and regular quality sleeps. I've been using the IronMan mattress for 2 years and the new NewGen technology for the last few months and I am sold on these products. I recently came back from a short vacation and after spending 2 nights on a hotel bed, my back was not too happy. My wife could not sleep as we are so used to the comfort of our bed. As I spend 1/3 of my life in bed I firmly believe that investing in the best bed is a wise decision. Mike Bourcier, Parksville
January 2018
We are enjoying our new bed(s). We wonder why we didn't do this years ago. The beds are comfortable and allowed my husband to sleep slightly inclined when he has trouble breathing and during the time when he wound up with a bad cold. One thing I thought was probably overkill was the vibrator. However I have found it one of the things I have emjoyed the most. If I waken I find it hard to get back to sleep. The vibrator lulls me back to sleep. Who knew! We have appreciated the information and attention given to us by M&N Mattress Shop and the care to attention given by the gentlemen who delivered and set up the bed(s). Thank you, Bev & George Millar, Parksville
December 2017
We love our new bed from M&N Mattress Shop. We didn't think we were old enough (lol) to be buying the dual control mattress settings, but we love it! The mattress is comfortable, and we wake up refreshed and relaxed. We feel it is worth the money we paid, and happy that we were able to shop local.Stuart & Betty Gautier, Qualicum Beach
December 2017
We are very happy that we purchased our adjustable bases, we sleep much better. I have not had a back ache since. They are very comfortable, wish I would have known about them sooner. I would tell anyone who has back problems to check them out. P.S I have told a lot of people about them! Thank you! Sharon Loucks, Campbell River
December 2017
Recently I learned about the powerful healing properties of sleep. Especially between 10pm & 2am. I can honestly say we are getting those 4 hours in addition to 4 more. Restful, pain-free sleep and healing our immune system at the same time. Our new mattress has given us a new "lease on life". Thank you so much for making our sleep and as a result our day to day life so much better. I never would have believed a mattress could have such a profound affect on the quality and quantity of our sleep. We both have medical issues that have been alleviated by using this mattress. It was a very worthwhile purchase and we hope to have many years of awesome sleep.Sharon & Bob Purves, Parksville
December 2017
I have been travelling lots since getting my bed, however, I dream about it and can't wait to get home and enjoy a refreshing night sleep. One night and no more back pain. I LOVE IT Melanie Ikeda, Qualicum Beach
December 2017
With this bed I have significantly reduced the pain medications I had been taking and have not been to a chiropractor yet since having the bed the last month.Anonymous, Qualicum Beach
December 2017
The bed is amazing, my back thanks you! The pain I was experiencing was gone the first morning and has not returned since.Grant Butler, Crofton
December 2017
We are extremely happy with our Ironman recovery mattress. My husband has always suffered with a bad back and neck problems. We've had the mattress for over a month now and he as a better night's sleep. We both love being able to sit up when reading or watching television with ease. Great service at your store.Don & Maggie Laird, Parksville
December 2017
We love our new mattress from M&N Mattress. We both sleep better through the night and do not get up feeling "achy" anymore. We also find that we do not disturb the other person if one of us is up earlier. Thank you!Dave & Peggy King, Parksville
December 2017
We love our new mattress. I have a good restful night-and get up feeling refreshed as well.Alex & Alice Charles, Qualicum Beach
December 2017
Very happy with my purchase. Extremely helpful staff, great bed and great benefits - no more pain!Adele Mckillop, Qualicum Beach
December 2017
My wife Barb and I purchased our NewGen mattress 3 months ago and it has made a big difference for us. I play senior slo-pitch year-round and, with a rotator-cuff impingement in my throwing shoulder, had experienced a great deal of discomfort and restricted mobility. I was totally unable to sleep on that shoulder. With the supporting comfort of the new mattress, that has changed dramatically. I can now throw freely and sleep without pain. Barb has also found improvement for her tennis and pickleball muscle aches and the organic latex does promote easier breathing for both us.Roland Wickett and Barb Elliot, Parksville
December 2017
I love my NewGen mattress as when I am sleeping on it I have nothing pressing on my sore points that I had with my old mattress. I don't want to get up in the mornings. I also love the pillow I got from you as well. Best pillow I ever had. I don't get all stuffed up anymore. Also, you have the best customer service of any business I have every dealt with. Thank you! Lorenei Mandryk, Parksville
December 2017
We are very happy to now be sleeping on a NewGen mattress… What a huge difference in comfort and support from our old mattress!Ed & Sherry Travanut, Campbell River
December 2017
We are so amazed at the kind service we received from the folks at M&N this week. A couple of serious medical issues had arisen since we fell in love with our new NewGen mattresses and we were afraid that we might not be able to keep these new pain-free sleep aids. However, M&N's management team didn't hesitate to make some adjustments so that we would continue to enjoy the newfound comfort of these mattresses. THANK YOU, M&N MATTRESS SHOP IN PARKSVILLE. Merry Christmas after all from Earl & Barb. Earl & Barb Gray, Parksville
October 2017
I have no hesitation in recommending the NewGen mattress to anyone. Its been a godsend for an older person with health issues. The customer service and knowledgeable expertise is unequal in my experience!S. Connor, Parksville