Talalay Latex

What is Talalay Latex?

Talalay latex delivers a unique sleeping experience. Combining buoyancy and consistency, Talalay latex is known for its pressure relieving qualities, minimizing the feeling of tension in the muscles. But where does it come from? This natural material is extracted from the rubber tree and manufactured in a specialized process using biodegradable practices and renewable resources. Inherently hypoallergenic, a Talalay latex bed is safe, breathable, resilient, odour free, environmentally friendly, and most importantly, comfortable.

High-Quality Talalay Latex Mattresses in Surrey

Why Choose Talaly Latex?

How the Talalay Process Works?

A Talalay latex bed delivers a unique sleeping experience and exceptional pressure point relief. Completely conformable to the body, the material allows your muscles to fully relax while maintaining a structure that is beneficial to not only your comfort, but your skeletal health as well. When it comes to Talalay latex vs memory foam, a talalay latex bed offers superior contouring without the sinkable effect of a memory foam mattress.

To give you a cooler night’s sleep, Talalay latex is up to 7 times more breathable than other latex or foams, aiding your temperature regulation while you rest. The naturally derived, hypoallergenic material is resistant to mildew, mold, and bacteria, giving you the healthy sleeping experience you deserve. Manufactured in the USA, Talalay products are odour free, durable, Oeko-Tex Class 1 certified, and safe for all ages, including babies. Your perfect night’s sleep is waiting for you. Discover the power of this all-natural sleep material and get your Talalay latex bed today.

After extracting the Talalay latex from the Hevea Brasilienis tree – commonly known as the rubber tree – the liquid latex is poured into a mold and sealed. Using a specialized vacuum, the liquid latex is dispersed evenly throughout the mold, flash frozen, and then flash heated until it reaches a gel state. Once this “gel” cools to a permanent solid form, the Talalay latex is removed from the mold, washed and rinsed for purity, and then cured. The results? A quality controlled Talalay latex bed that creates a consistent and comforting feel to optimize your night’s sleep.


Is Talalay latex natural?

Yes, a Talalay latex bed features natural and biodegradable materials that are derived from renewable resources. When you lay on a bed made from Talalay latex, you are laying on three raw materials: air, water, and natural latex.

Is Talalay latex toxic?

Talalay latex is non-toxic and Okeo-Tex Class 1 certified safe. During manufacturing, our Talalay latex is put through a 5-cycle washing process that removes impurities like compounding agents and residual soaps to prevent odour, irritation, and structural inefficiencies.

What is the difference between latex and Talalay latex?

Latex comes in many forms and can be categorized as natural, synthetic, or blended. While Talalay latex is natural and extracted from the rubber tree, synthetic and blended forms of latex contain artificially produced compounds and involve simplified processes for production. A Talalay latex mattress price is typically higher than other forms of latex because the all-natural harvesting and molding process if far more complex, laborious, and results in a more breathable, durable, and resilient product.

Is latex better than memory foam?

A good night’s sleep stems from personal preference. When evaluating Talalay latex vs memory foam, both provide pressure point relief and have a contouring effect that allows the material to mold to the sleeper’s body. However, a memory foam mattress is considered a slow response foam and can take a while to regain its original form once weight is removed. Conversely, some sleepers prefer the fast-response time of Talalay latex as it instantly returns to its original shape after pressure is released and does not give the quicksand feeling that memory foam does.

Is Talalay latex good for side sleepers?

Yes, many side sleepers benefit from the comfortable cradling feeling that the soft top layer of Talalay latex promotes. Since slide sleepers need to prioritize pressure point relief to remove strain on their hips and shoulders, a Talalay latex bed gives that crucial level of comfort and support while maintaining it’s shape overtime.

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Customer Testimonials

November 2020

We want to thank M&N Mattress for introducing us to the NewGen latex mattress. We both are having better sleeps compared to any other mattress we had ever purchased in the past. We both recommend NewGen latex mattress for a better sleep. Zzzzz.

Dennis & Lorraine Brost, Qualicum Beach

September 2020

We heartily recommend M&N Mattress for unmatched service – such is a rare thing these days. Our lengthy search for a mattress that ticked all the boxes ended after Sukh carefully analyzed our needs. Should & crippling back pain no longer prevents us from getting a good night’s sleep. I really love that the anti-microbial Talalay latex lets me breathe freely and my husband stays so much cooler at night. It was so worth the drive to Parksville!

Paula L., Comox

July 2020

Our NewGen mattress has allowed us very peaceful sleep. My husband used to complain about being too hot when he slept. Now on the NewGen latex mattress, he has a cool comfortable sleep. No matter which position we sleep in we both feel the mattress supports our bodies and we feel like we are floating. The adjustable bed frame has been helpful in relieving congestion in our lungs and I no longer need to put pillows under my knees in order to have a comfortable sleep. The zero gravity position is amazing for reading and I often doze off after feeling like I’m floating on an air mattress on a lake.

Quita Peverly & Bob McCarter, Nanoose