Natural Latex

Natural Latex Mattresses

One of the best materials for making mattresses that offer a healthy environment, cool comfort and hypo-allergenic qualities is naturally sourced latex. Made from renewable, biodegradable material, a latex mattress can deliver serious comfort while remaining environmentally friendly. There are numerous benefits associated with latex mattresses some of which are described below.

Benefits of Latex

The number one benefit of latex, for most people, is the fact that it is natural. All other foams are petroleum based, man made products, comprised of up to 61 chemicals! Obviously, there will be some off gassing issues with all of these foams. Latex doesn't off gas. Also, natural latex is among the cleanest materials in terms of dust and micro-allergens that can build up over time. A natural latex mattress discourages the growth of dust mites as well as mould, fungus, and mildew all of which can contribute to the severity of allergies and other breathing difficulties. Not only will a latex mattress keep you healthier and let you you breathe more freely as you sleep, it also does a better job of maintaining a comfortable sleeping temperature, no matter what time of year. Latex is up to 7 times more breathable than other foams, particularly memory foam. Latex mattresses stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter as the breathable material allows for better airflow while you sleep. Unlike memory foam which will contour around your body making it difficult to readjust yourself during the night, latex provides both pressure relief AND support in any sleeping position. You can expect a more comfortable sleep, free of tossing and turning, in addition to waking up with a reduction of aches and pains. This enhanced support will also remain consistent for the life of a latex mattress, which can easily be 20 years or more. When it comes to durability as well as comfort there really is no better choice than a natural latex mattress.

Latex vs Memory Foam


    Because latex is natural, it does not off-gas like other petroleum based foams products.


    Natural latex is one of the cleanest products available in regards to micro-allergens,


    Latex enhanced support remains consistent for the life of the mattress, which is easily 20+ years.


    Latex is up to 7x more breathable than memory foam.


    Latex provides pressure relief and support, making it easier to readjust yourself during the night.


    Natural latex discourages the growth of mould, fungus, mildew and dust mites.

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Types of Latex

All natural latex is sourced from the rubber tree (brasiliensis), and treated using a process called vulcanization, before it is used in the manufacturing of a mattress. This vulcanization process removes all the proteins and enzymes from the raw latex ensuring that even people with latex sensitivities and allergies can use these products safely. In fact there is not one documented report of a person experiencing an allergic reaction to vulcanized latex.

There are basically 2 types of latex- Talalay and Dunlop. Dunlop is an older technology, generally not as consistent throughout, and with a denser feel. Talalay incorporates 2 extra steps- poured in a vacuum and flash frozen- that gives it a lighter feel and more consistent compression. Both are excellent products. Some people use the analogy that Dunlop is like a pound cake and Talalay is like an Angel food cake. Here at NewGen we use Talalay latex exclusively.