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Healthy, natural sleep is essential for everyone. That means it is important to ensure that your are sleeping on the healthiest and most comfortable mattress available. In today's market, there are a number of different mattresses to choose from, made from a number of different materials. None are as comfortable, durable or beneficial as a natural latex mattress from NewGen. Thanks to its breathable, naturally sourced Talalay latex layers surrounded by breathable organic cotton with CELLIANT, you can rest assured that you will be able to get the healthy, natural sleep you need.

Certified for Health and Comfort

The naturally sourced Talalay latex found in this mattress is key to providing a superior level of comfort and health. Talalay latex is sourced from tropical rubber trees and treated using a process known as vulcanization. This process removes allergy causing proteins and impurities in the latex, leaving a mattress layer that meets the highest possible standards for comfort and health. NewGen's baby safe natural latex layers make this mattress one of the highest quality products available today. The mattress layers are 100% free of toxic materials and safe. It is also completely hypoallergenic, meaning you can be certain that your child will never be exposed to potentially harmful allergens and dust particles from the latex layers inside their mattress.

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Meets OEKO-Tex Standards, Meaning NewGen Latex Layers Are Baby Safe!

NewGen's remarkable natural latex mattress meets or exceeds the standards set by OEKO-Tex. OEKO-Tex is an independent textile standard certification group based in Europe. They perform labratory tests on all types of textile products sold throughout the world. Only the safest and highest quality products, such as NewGen's latex mattress layers, are allowed to feature the Standard 100 by OEKO-Tex certification. This certification indicates that all components of the mattress are free of any harmful substances, making it safe even for babies. It also indicates the mattress is manufactured using 100% green friendly materials and practices. The CLASS I Certification for this product material means that our Talalay Certified mattress layers are suitable for use in a baby's mattress. For adults, the natural latex layers are unparalleled in quality, health benefits and comfort. For consistently healthy and restful sleep, there really is no better choice than NewGen.


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Customer Testimonials

November 2020

We want to thank M&N Mattress for introducing us to the NewGen latex mattress. We both are having better sleeps compared to any other mattress we had ever purchased in the past. We both recommend NewGen latex mattress for a better sleep. Zzzzz.

Dennis & Lorraine Brost, Qualicum Beach

September 2020

We heartily recommend M&N Mattress for unmatched service – such is a rare thing these days. Our lengthy search for a mattress that ticked all the boxes ended after Sukh carefully analyzed our needs. Should & crippling back pain no longer prevents us from getting a good night’s sleep. I really love that the anti-microbial Talalay latex lets me breathe freely and my husband stays so much cooler at night. It was so worth the drive to Parksville!

Paula L., Comox

July 2020

Our NewGen mattress has allowed us very peaceful sleep. My husband used to complain about being too hot when he slept. Now on the NewGen latex mattress, he has a cool comfortable sleep. No matter which position we sleep in we both feel the mattress supports our bodies and we feel like we are floating. The adjustable bed frame has been helpful in relieving congestion in our lungs and I no longer need to put pillows under my knees in order to have a comfortable sleep. The zero gravity position is amazing for reading and I often doze off after feeling like I’m floating on an air mattress on a lake.

Quita Peverly & Bob McCarter, Nanoose