A Natural Mattress To Improve Sleep Quality

Natural anti-microbial, hypoallergenic, temperature regulating materials for a healthy sleep environment. Durable Talalay latex for ultimate pressure relief and support. Built to last.

Oeko-Tex® Baby Safe Certified

All beds manufactured in British Columbia, Canada

NewGen Mattress Technology

Natural Latex used in the NewGen Mattress provides 33% more pressure relief while simultaneously creating support, because of the buoyant nature of latex. Latex is the best pressure relieving material used in bedding today. It provides the ultimate in pressure relief so that your muscles relax and fall asleep quickly while your circulation can flow to stay asleep soundly.

With Natural Latex, you won't have to continuously search for a cooler spot on your bed! The rubber cell structure doesn't collapse. Its natural resistance lifts your body, preventing collapse, and allows air to flow through, creating an escape path for the body heat.  

Celliant Technology in the NewGen Mattress converts the body's vibrant energy emissions, otherwise known as heat, into Far Infrared light (FIR) and emits it into the body, where it is absored by the tissue and muscles. Celliant Technology incorporates 13 thermally responsive minerals, embedded into the core of the fibers. These fibers are then knit or woven into fabrics and when placed near the body, oxygen levels can be increased.

  • Supportive

    The cell structure of Natural Latex inside NewGen Mattresses allows for unmatched durability and breath-ability.

  • Relieves Pressure Points

    Natural Latex dynamically conforms to you, providing superior support and 5-zone pressure relief.

  • Naturally Anti-Microbial

    The antimicrobial properties in the latex protect your mattress from bacteria, mould and mildew growth.

Celliant Technology

Celliant incorporates 13 thermally responsive minerals and is patented worldwide and clinically proven to increase oxygen and energy levels in your body as you sleep.

Natural Latex

Latex is the most naturally durable and cushioning material available. Dervied from Havea Brasiliensis, it provides you with responsive and contoured support simultaneously.

Oeko-Tex® Baby Safe Certified

Baby Safe Rated

That means that the Talalay is not only free of harmful substances, it meets or exceeds the requirements for products meant to come into direct contact with babies.

That's why, when it comes to a healthy night's sleep, you can't do better than Talalay latex!


NewGen Mattress with Celliant® Technology: How Its Made

Natural Minerals

Titanium Dioxide, Silicone Dioxide & Aluminum Oxide, ground into tiny particles, work together to absorb light and reflect energy.

Celliant Yarn

The thermo-reactive minerals are fused together, forming countless tunnels within each thread of polyester.

Recovery Textiles

Celliant yarn is knitted into other fibers and textiles to help increase blood flow and oxygenation to tissue.


Natural Latex vs Memory Foam

Latex does not sleep hot. Sleeping hot is the number one complaint from Memory Foam mattress owners. This is because Memory Foam uses body heat to collapse the foam cell structure to conform to your curves. The collapsing of these cells restricts air flow, trapping body heat and radiating it back to you. Latex is 7x more breathable than memory foam. The rubber cell structure doesn't collapse. Its natural resistance lifts your body, preventing collapse, and allows air to flow through, creating an escape path for the body heat. 

Latex is Multi-Dimensional. Latex is a two-dimensional material. It is simultaneously supportive and pressure relieving. Memory foam is a one-dimensional pressure reliever only. Your body sinks into and through memory foam until you hit a separate support layer blow. Memory foam simply can't accomplish both pressure relief and support on its own. Hitting the support layer below memory foam increased pressure on your body. Latex is different, and testing proves it.

Why Natural Latex?

Latex provides buoyant luxury. Memory foam, even so-called ‘soft’ memory foam, has a hard, dense feel that is unappealing to many. Some call it, “getting stuck in the mud” because after a few minutes your body heat collapses the cells and you sink into a hole molded to your body. It soon becomes difficult to move or get out of your bed.

Latex is healthier. Latex uses naturally derived material harvested from rubber trees that create an inherently hypoallergenic, dust-mite resistant, mold and mildew proof sleeping environment, making it ideal for allergy sufferers or anyone wanting a cleaner bed. Latex doesn’t off-gas harmful compounds that may be present in Memory Foam.

Latex is 20x more durable than leading Memory Foam. While leading Memory Foam tears apart during industry standard ASTM quality testing, Latex passes with flying colours.

NewGen Sleep Products with Celliant® technology temporarily promotes increased local blood flow at the site of the application in healthy individuals.

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